You Can Create & Live the Life of Your Dreams Now If:

    • You’re craving a career you love that uses your natural talents
    • You’re super anxious to leave your uninspiring job that leaves you drained
    • You are willing to do anything it takes to consciously make it happen
  • Do this NOW to Start Turning Your Dreams into Reality

    Mar 18 , 2013

    I’ll admit it—I get carried away pretty often. I let my big, beautiful ideas lift me away into a pretty cloud of sparkling dreams. Do you do this, too? Awesome. I LOVE my ability to dream, visualize and create—it’s my favorite part of who I am. But I’ve gotta warn you, staying in the dream… Read more »

  • Scared to Leave Your Job, But Ready for Change? Read This.

    Mar 18 , 2013

    Life can feel really, really awful sometimes. Especially if you’re stuck in a job you hate. If you’re ready to start living a Gen Y Girl life, I need to tell you right now, it’s not always easy. It’ll test you in uncomfortable ways that you won’t like. You’ll probably cry a lot. So if… Read more »

  • Dance Your Way to Inspiration & Instant Creativity

    Mar 18 , 2013

    Need some instant inspiration now? What about some real, legit direction in your life? Then, it is time to… dance your ass off! Yup, you heard me, girl. Get out your hairbrush mic and shake it! Dancing is freeing, it burns calories, and it takes you to a beautiful universe where all that matters is… Read more »